Experts in composite manufacturing for aerospace

ACS manufactures quality high-temperature composite products for the aerospace industry ranging from APU ducting to wing structures to missile launch canisters. We have the capabilities and expertise to produce a wide array of advanced aerospace composites and we are trusted as the single source for most of our customers.

  • Airframe Structures

    Airframe structure manufacturing is a competitive business. With our expertise in processing many composite material systems used in aerospace, we’ve mastered the manufacturing processes for a wide range of airframe structures. We’ve delivered primary and secondary structures for both fixed and rotary wind aircraft, including wing spars, flaps, skin panels, fairings and access doors.

  • Engines, Nacelles & Auxiliary Power Units

    Using hand layup, filament winding and compression molding processes, ACS is a major manufacturer of aerospace engine and auxiliary power unit ducting. We process high temperature materials such as bismaleimide (BMIs) and polyimides to produce engine by-pass ducts, APU inlet ducts, nacelle structures, closeout fairings, as well as hot air ducting used for anti-icing and cargo heating.

  • Specialty Structures

    ACS has a legacy of partnering with our customers to develop unique processes for complex applications with stringent operational requirements. These products can require significant engineering resources, material testing and evaluation, and an undying commitment to create a robust manufacturing process. Some of these specialty structures include missile launch canisters, flight critical helicopter tail rotor drive shafts, and high-temperature structures.

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