We provide aerospace composite manufacturing expertise.

Specializing in complex composite assemblies for the aerospace industry, ACS has a long history of providing customer satisfaction by focusing on continuous improvement processes that help reduce time and cost. Our aerospace composite manufacturing capabilities are among the best in the industry.

Material Systems Processed

ACS strives to provide the optimum weight and strength for each product manufactured at our facility. The selected aerospace materials and processes are tailored to the requirements of each project. Operating within our 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, our team has expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to perform autoclave and out-of-autoclave manufacturing processes using BMI, polyimide, and epoxy-based material systems. ACS can partner with customers to elect and characterize a material that will provide the optimum weight and strength for each product manufactured at our facility.

Hand Layup / Autoclave Cure

We perform aerospace hand layup and autoclave curing processes for some of the biggest names in the business. With eight autoclaves ranging in sizes up to 30 feet by eight feet in diameter, we have the ability to perform curing at temperatures up to 800° Fahrenheit and 200 psi. With a focus on continuous improvement, we’ve added a fourth clean room to accommodate future growth in hand layup operations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction resulted in OEM and Tier 1 process approvals with Boeing, Spirit, Honeywell, and Bell Helicopter.

Filament Winding

Our facility includes four composite filament winding machines accommodating mandrel sizes up to 30 feet by four feet. Two of our machines include management information systems software that allows for manual or automated capturing of a wide range of winding data including fiber type, dimensions, and tension, as well as environmental conditions. Filament wound products include air system plenum bodies, pressure vessels, missile launch canisters, helicopter drive shafts, and bleed air circulation tubes.

Compression Molding

Compression molding composites allow for short production cycles with high output and low cost. ACS has eight compression molding presses with a maximum capacity of 1200 tons that support the Boeing 737 and 777, 777X programs. In addition to compression molding, ACS provides secondary assembly, installing seals, retainers, and brackets to the base molded part.

CNC Machining

Our aerospace CNC machining capabilities includes five 4- and 5-axis CNC routers with bed sizes up to 32 feet by 12 feet, and two abrasive machining centers for acoustic structure perforations. Paired with our experienced CNC programmers and the latest MasterCAM software, this equipment allows our team to produce large-scale components such as wing spars and missile launch canisters.

Adhesive Bonding and Paint

ACS has extensive experience with adhesive bonding and sealing for a variety of applications, and maintains certified operators to OEM requirements. ACS houses three paint spray booths for the application of primers and top coats for many of our products including exhaust cowlings, airframe structures, and external aircraft doors and fairings.

Non-destructive / Ultrasonic Testing

ACS maintains an in-house, highly skilled Non-Destructive Inspection team within two lab spaces. This capability allows us to directly support program needs without the delays and oversight of using a third party. Our labs and personnel are AC7114 Nadcap certified and approved by several OEMs.

Tooling Fabrication & Maintenance

ACS has an in-house tooling department that provides custom tool design, tool fabrication and tool maintenance to enhance our ability to meet programs costs and schedules. Our Haas VF9 mill supports our tooling department with quick turn around fixtures to support production and inspection needs.

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